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United States of America

Latest Statistics

Mon, 29 Nov 2021
Reports for the previous day ***

69,498New Cases

+25.25%vs. 28 Nov (55,488)
208 cases/ 1mil1
21 cases/ 100k
3.02% cases/ new tests
2 Jan 2021300,462 cases

49,301,070Total Cases

+0.14%vs. 28 Nov (49,231,572)
147,723 cases/ 1mil
14,772 cases/ 100k
6.55% cases/ total tests

422New Deaths*

+10.18%vs. 28 Nov (383)
1 deaths/ 1mil
0.13 deaths/ 100k
12 Jan 20214,461 deaths

801,326Total Deaths

+0.05%vs. 28 Nov (800,904)
2,401 deaths/ 1mil
240 deaths/ 100k
1.63% / total cases

66,480New Recovered

+61.98%vs. 28 Nov (41,043)
199 recovered/ 1mil
20 recovered/ 100k

39,032,255Total Recovered

+0.17%vs. 28 Nov (38,965,775)
116,954 recovered/ 1mil
11,695 recovered/ 100k
79.17% / total cases

9,467,489Total Active

+0.03%vs. 28 Nov (9,464,893)
28,368 active/ 1mil
2,837 active/ 100k
19.20% / total cases

0.13% ICU/ active cases

2,300,150New Tests

69 tested/ 10k
7 tested/ 1k
3.02% positive/ new tests
25 Aug 20213,041,471 tests

752,495,440Total Tests

+0.31%vs. 28 Nov (750,195,290)
22,547 tested/ 10k
2,255 tested/ 1k
6.55% positive/ total tests
(28 Nov 2021)

232,792,508Total 1st Doses

6,975 received/ 10k
698 received/ 1k
69.75% received/ population1

195,303,238Total Vaccinated

5,852 vaccinated/ 10k
585 vaccinated/ 1k
58.52% vaccinated/ population1

Total: Vaccine Booster
1 Population: 333.7mil
1 Per million, thousands may vary due to total population.
* Reported deaths may include unreported deaths due to post-mortem or clinical evaluation and may not reflect actual date of death (DOD).
** People who are fully vaccinated may have received more than one dose.
** Vaccine: Johnson&Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech
*** Statistics may differ from other sites and sources due to time of report, negative cases, remote location cases, unconfirmed cases, or unknown reasons.
Data comes from government health ministries and other authoritative sources. View sources

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New Cases

New cases reported since the previous day
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