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USD is used as base currency since majority of our 3rd-party services are billed in USD. Due to private buyer inquiries, this remaining 75,929 share opportunity could end at any time.
* USD to MYR Rates: 4.4239

Share Price & Profit

Your Share Price
USD 500 ≈ MYR 2,211.95
The payment gateway is set to a single transaction limit of USD 5,000 for security reasons. If necessary, users can purchase additional shares by applying multiple submissions.
Your Annual Potential Profit
* Market share is the percentage of total sales generated by existing companies in the industry. See below for breakdown analysis.

Market Share

* Market share based on above precentage. Use slider to modify value.
AppMarket Revenue (USD)IAM Profit* (USD)IAM Profit* (MYR)
OnDemand Delivery150mil00
Food Delivery2.3bil3030
Other Apps[1]25mil00
Google Adsense[2]0.005800
[1] Other apps that require transactions, such as live shows, ticketing, and so on.
[2] Google Adsense income based monthly views.
[3] Page views x 25 apps. Average page views per user = 3.75 page views


The cost to develop this app, for instance, total cost of programming time that has gone into designing this app, including related services purchases. See reference below.

DescAmount (USD)QuantityTotal (USD)Total (MYR)
Past 1 Year
Research, Licenses220k1220k973.3k
Next 3 Months
Research, Licenses125k1125k553k

* Allowances for in-person team meetings and discussions about services or licences in other countries.


Yearly Cost & Operations

Server & 3rd Party Services
USD 500k - 1 mil*
* Server and services varies based on usage
USD 500k
USD 0**
** We want to promote this in a different and opposite direction, based on our years of knowledge and experience in the advertising industry... No advertising. No brand ambassadors. We are confident that our apps are unrivalled in terms of unique features and functions, as well as being crowd-driven.


DescSharesPrice (USD)Price (MYR)

Shares - Overview

  • We are extending our company shares exclusive to our users.
  • Over two years of voluntary updating of world covid statistics demonstrate our commitment to the global community.
  • [ Our profit ] x [ your shares ] = Your Annual Profit. Its that simple.
  • After one year of ownership, shares are transferable.
  • We offer share buyback (we buy your shares back) at market value.

Shares - Requirements

  • 18 years and above.
  • Open to all users of
  • Companies are not allowed to participate.
  • Malaysian and non-Malaysians are allowed to participate.
  • For non-resident of Malaysia, 15% will deduct on profits earned, paid to Inland Revenue Board (IRB), Malaysia.

Shares - Buying Procedure

  • Click the Apply Now button below.
  • Fill in your information and shares amount.
  • Review information.
  • Payment will be charged in MYR currency rates.
  • You will be directed to our secure PCI compliant payment gateway.
  • Use credit or debit card to complete your payment. For applicants with Malaysian banks, FPX & eWallets is available.
  • You will be redirected a confirmation page.
  • Your shares certificate, shares agreement and payment receipt will sent to your email. You will have direct contact with our investor's customer support team.
  • You will be notified of progress on a regular basis via email.
  • When our apps is released, you will have access to the investor's dashboard.
  • The dashboard requires 2-step verification, with an SMS code will be sent to your registered mobile number during your first time login to the dashboard.
  • If you have changed your mobile number during that period, please contact investor's customer support team provided in your email.
  • The investor's dashboard allows you to enter your bank details for annual profits to be transferred, monitor financial reports and investment profits.
  • Complaint or dispute regarding investment? Visit Securities Commission Malaysia, Capital Market Service Related Complaints.
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