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IAM Business App

Generate Income From Home or Remotely Anywhere In The World - Crowd Driven

Profit sharing with our users
“It's a big cake to share!”

Passive Income!

We are offering shares to our users in order to help them recover from their losses during the covid pandemic. Our users have the opportunity to purchase 100,000 of our company shares. We conduct business with integrity, competence and professionalism while achieving the highest level of effectiveness and excellence. Over 30 years, with patience, consistency, and focus, we are proud to say that we have achieved 99% success rate on all previous projects. We are not aligned with any political party in any country. Over a year of self-funding for app development, and voluntary updates to statistics demonstrate our commitment to the global community.

Please note that we are not a publicly traded company and that this participation is exclusive to users. Due to private buyer inquiries, this 100,000 share opportunity could end at any time. Continue reading to find out who we are and what we do...
Missed a golden opportunity.
“If You Want To Go Big, Stop Thinking Small.”
We are strongly against to phishing (stealing of personal information), cybercrime, online financial scams, money laundering, terrorism financing as regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and the Securities Commission Malaysia. For assistance, visit CyberSecurity Malaysia.
What is Passive Income? Earnings from a rental property, limited partnership, or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved.

“Grow with us...
a share of the cake”

Shares - Progress

Shares Purchased:
Available Balance Shares:
Price per Share:
USD 25 (MYR 111)

Our Background

  • Developers of
  • 3.32 million users since Nov 2020.
  • A 16-18 hours dedicated team updating covid statistics daily.
  • Malaysian owned.
  • Designed for business & travel decisions.

Demographic - Web

Data by Google Analytics

Engagement - Social

Twitter – up to 4.18mil impressions
Facebook – 52k to 18k views

The Team

  • Film & advertising since 1992.
  • Directed, produced, and designed over 1,000 TV commercials, corporate videos, and 3D animations.
  • Produced multibillion-dollar investment films for the benefit of the country, Malaysia.
  • Helped drive the film industry in Malaysia by collaborating with numerous award-winning Hollywood filmmakers since 2002.
  • Developed online ticketing platform for Sepang International Circuit Malaysia (motorsport race track), developed e-Learning modules for 3rd world countries through Asian Development Bank (ADB) as well as an online visa system for the Kingdom of Bhutan.
  • A focused, dedicated and transparent team across 3 continents.

The Company

  • IAM Solution, founded on July 2021, during the covid pandemic, is a global remote team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in advertising, film investments, and internet-related services, as well as being innovative, creative, and pioneers in digital solutions that have aided many countries.
  • We created to help people make business and travel decisions by leveraging our team's expertise and unique presentation skills.
  • The IAM team is made up of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals from various industries who have created the IAM business app to assist the community in earning money from home or virtually anywhere in their respective professions or skills by connecting buyers and sellers to our 7 million and growing user reach by generating income contactless, borderless, and paperless.
  • To ensure that sellers earn more profit with lower transaction fees and buyers pay less, IAM has partnered with key industry organisations ranging from PCI compliant payment gateway providers to courier partners to create a complete in-app experience. In addition, we have several new apps that have never been developed before to assist users in recovering their loss from the pandemic.
  • IAM Solution is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and aims to make this free business app available worldwide.
Produced Investment Films

App - The Future

  • 28 FREE web applications completed and ready to be released upon completion on eHailing and on-demand delivery app. 30 apps in total.
  • Designed to help individuals & companies earn income.
  • Able to work remotely worldwide.
  • Further help curb covid infections by reducing movements.
  • Unmatched transaction fees - highest profit margin for merchants and lower pricing for buyers & consumers.
  • Available worldwide.
IAM App Screenshot

App - Why Develop?

We were able to contact notable large companies during the lockdown and humbly request that they reduce their high commission fee (for example, 20%-30% food delivery), as many of our extended family and their friends & neighbours were struggling with such high fees. Following research, a meal priced at MYR 15 (USD 3.30) minus the apps platform's 30% commission, the seller earns MYR 10.50 (USD 2.31).

They were hesitant, and even some raised their fees to capitalise on the lockdown, and grab the opportunity as online sales skyrocketed.

Based on our extensive experience, these are simple app and workflow to develop, and we do not need to charge high fees because sellers does majority of the hardwork, while the app takes a few weeks to develop, stored in servers, runs in automated mode with a team of customer support.

Upon weeks of calculation and intense brainstorming mid 2021, we have dedicated our work to develop this app to further extend our services to the community while updating the covid statistics. For the people, by the people.

Approximately 255 million jobs have been lost globally during the pandemic. As a result, while updating the covid statistics, we gradually developed our own food delivery mobile app with a 5% transaction fee to assist people in recouping their losses during the pandemic, and eventually we noticed many other industry has been affected, hence, we began developing more apps in various industries.

With such low transaction fees, we are confident many sellers will participate in our apps. Some of our apps which does not require transaction, for example, job search and many more, has no listing or signup fees, and its completely free.

Signs are displayed in the window of a store in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, USA (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

App - Platform

  • Built on Progressive Web Framework (for example, Twitter, Gmail).
  • Seamless design & features from phone, tablet to desktop.
  • A hybrid between website & mobile.
  • Technology backed by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Built and coded from scratch with onboard payment solution, delivery and shipping system.
  • Incomparable user interface with 5 seconds account creation, verification and ready-to-go.
  • Interlink apps to earn, monitor inventory, manage accounts and notification + messaging app.

App - Key Features

  • Privacy-First, no data is shared.
  • Secure and encrypted.
  • Powerful search engine and unmatched options & filters.
  • 150+ currency rates – automated conversion rates based on user’s country.
  • Multilingual - 33 language support.
  • All-in-One App for easy access (Multiple apps in 1 app).
  • Extremely easy to use with user friendly interface.
  • Low maintenance cost & fully automated.

App - Business Model

  • VISION: Complete contactless solution, from decision-making, purchasing to managing. Allowing users to purchase properties & products, borderless live performances, contactless brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • OBJECTIVES: Crowd-Driven Business Processes. Shifting towards a new lifestyle to online, virtual environments for business, education to retail & entertainment.
  • TARGET: Business (B2C, B2B, C2B & C2C) & Education (Virtual, eLearning, Remote & On-demand).
  • CHALLENGES: Adapting to online & virtual environment.
  • VALUE: Unique design & features on all apps which are nonexistence. Withdraw earnings direct from ATM (bank not required).
  • SOLUTION: Focus on easy to use, adaptability, flawless & reliable apps.
  • MESSAGING: Faster process. Cost reduction. Faster response to demands. Global reach. Contactless interactions for convenience and safer.
  • MARKET: User-based via existing users which is faster growth. Low to no advertising costs. Increased Credibility.
  • GROWTH: Increase global market reach by localization with domestic research.
  • 5 YEARS: Quantum leap to 85% of digital adoption for organization, industry and end-user. Aim to achieve 50% market share.

App - Offers We Rejected

We received several offers over the last year, including partnership with a mobile operator, private funders, angle investors, and government grants. We did not proceed with the next step, for a variety of reasons, including their request for majority share percentage, an increase in transaction fees from 5% to 20%, incompatible ideas, and even one request for access to user data, which is strongly against our policy. Furthermore, we refuse to accept tax payer money. Some offers include:
  • MYR 120 mil
  • MYR 30 mil
  • MYR 15 mil
  • MYR 5 mil
  • MYR 3 mil
  • MYR 2 mil

App - Other Offers

Other venture capital firms and investors have approached us, but we have never pursued them.
  • Greylock Partners
  • Sequoia Capital
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Y Combinator

App - Why Offer Users?

We developed this website out of concern for the situation. We decided that because we are not in the medical industry, we must contribute in some way. As a result, the website was created.

Our users, like us, are concerned about the pandemic and visit our website or follow us on social media to learn more about the situation. As a result, we share similar perspectives and like-minded.

From our point of view, helping each other to create a better world for humanity while earning some money to help with our daily lives is a strong motivating factor. For the people, by the people.

App - Summary

  • Privacy-First. No data sharing or filling forms with unrequired information.
  • Secure with data encryption.
  • Available worldwide. Borderless business from buying, selling, e-Learning to live performances.
  • Free apps. Easy to download. Also accessible from website.
  • No listing or membership fee.
  • Lowest transaction fees (for apps that require payments). PCI compliant payment gateway.
  • Higher profit for sellers.
  • More affordable for buyers.
  • Buying and selling with ease. We have our own MasterCard for user's with no bank. Sellers can withdraw earnings direct from ATM.

App - Description

Covid19 Place
Covid19 Place
Live Covid-19 World Statistics
Covid-19 provides a live world tracker and statistics to help you make travel and business decisions. Like us on Facebook or Twitter @Covid19Place
Pharma CC
Pharma CC
Purchase Prescriptions and Medicines from Local Pharmacies Online
Purchase medication with immediate delivery to your door and live consultation with a doctor or pharmacist. Lowest transaction fee and free listing for pharmacies worldwide.
Menu Please
Menu Please
Food Delivery from Restaurants and Hotels, including Homecooked Meals
Food delivery services from restaurants, hotels and homes in a variety of styles and cuisines. Free global listing with the lowest transaction fee.
Ekar Pro
Ekar Pro
Worldwide Real Estate Listings for New Construction, Sale, Rent and Auction
Property portal that connects property seekers with agents and developers to sell, rent and auction real estate properties. Worldwide free listing for agents. Automated currency conversion based on user's location.
Vehicle Listing, including Cars, MPVs, Bikes, to Yachts and Airplanes
Find new or used cars, bikes, bicycles, boats, yachts, or aircrafts. Purchase vehicles and accessories from dealerships or private owners. Free global listing.
Kar Mobi
Kar Mobi
In Development
E-Hailing private vehicle providing public transport services
Send It
Send It
In Development
Fast instant and on-demand delivery services delivered by users
Edu Live
Edu Live
Private Education and Personalized Learning by Skilled Tutors in a Variety of Subjects
Live video tutoring and training with no boundaries. Ideal for schooling, language learning, yoga training, music classes and more. Free global listing.
Buy Anything or Sell Everything
Fashion, electronics and household essentials shopping marketplace. Get the best deals and products from all over the world.
Luxury Shop
Luxury Shop
Official Stores Provide Authentic and Premium Branded Products
Shop from branded authorised stores around the world for 100% authentic products. Shopping platform for fashion, electronics and children's necessities, among other things.
Daily Market
Daily Market
Purchase Groceries from a Local Store
Get your daily necessities delivered to your door from your favourite nearby store. Free global listing with the lowest transaction fee.
Preloved Shop
Preloved Shop
Purchase Used Clothing, Electronics, Toys, Furniture and Other Items.
Find the best deals on used goods from all over the world. Platform for buying and selling used goods, including clothing, electronics, furniture, kitchen appliances and more.
Melody Zone
Melody Zone
Watch Live Performances of Music and Support Singers and Musicians
Live performances by musicians and singers from all over the world. Get paid to perform anywhere, including at restaurants, events and private gatherings.
Haha Events
Haha Events
Watch a Comedy Show Live or Reach a Global Audience
Celebrities and up-and-coming comedians perform live around the world. With an in-app ticketing system, you can perform live and extend live event shows to a global online audience.
You Star
You Star
Find New Talents for Film, Music, Commercials, Fashion, Print, Events and more
Find casting agents, clients, auditions and roles and apply for them. a worldwide listing platform for actors, models, musicians, DJs and other performers.
Pro Media
Pro Media
Purchase Stock Photos, Videos, Music and Graphics Contributed by Users
Low-cost and diverse collection of user-submitted media content from all over the world, including photos, videos, music, vectors and illustrations.
My Art
My Art
Paintings of Ideas and Emotions Created by Users from Around the World
Discover beautiful paintings created by established and up-and-coming artists worldwide. Lowest transaction fee and in-app shipping for free listings.
Unique Handcrafted Items Designed by Users from Around the World
Discover personalised gifts, home decor, jewellery, and furniture, among other things. For free listings, we offer the lowest transaction fee and in-app shipping.
More Jobs
More Jobs
Online Job Posting, Project Team or Company Hiring
Find employment on a full-time or part-time basis, as a freelancer, from home, or under a contract. Get hired as a team or have work outsourced by businesses all over the world. Free listing service.
We Fix
We Fix
Hire Home and Office Labor Work from Freelancers or Companies
Locate experienced local and foreign labourers or companies for practical work such as cleaning, plumbing, painting and other tasks. Platform for free global listing.
Find a Housemaid, Caregiver, Babysitter, or Private Nurse to Help You with Your Daily Activities.
Hire experienced local or foreign individuals or companies to assist and care for your loved ones. Platform for free global listing.
POS Solution
POS Solution
Simple Point of Sales (POS) System for All Industries
Easy-to-use POS system for IAM business apps or as a standalone POS app for restaurants, stores and other businesses. POS platform for free.
My Inventory
My Inventory
Inventory Management for Individuals and Businesses
Tracking inventory for your business with automated inventory management for IAM business apps or a standalone inventory app. Free inventory platform.
iWallet Today
iWallet Today
Accounting, Invoicing, Purchasing and Payroll for Individuals and Businesses
for IAM business apps or as a standalone accounting app, run your business more efficiently and monitor your accounts. Platform for free accounting.
Keep List
Keep List
Productivity Tools to Help You Plan and Organize Your Business
to manage IAM business apps or as a standalone management app for your business, use the task manager, to-do list, appointment and calendar. Business productivity platform for free.
Tix Services
Tix Services
Create Ticketing and Payment Checkout for Any Show or Event
Lowest transaction fee online ticketing system for IAM business apps or as a standalone app for in-person live shows, conferences, exhibitions and seminars..
The Venue
The Venue
Venues for Events or Photography in Hotels, Restaurants, Offices and Other Places
User-submitted venues for you to organise any type of event, including live performances, conferences, exhibitions and seminars. Platform for free global venue search.
Petme World
Petme World
Adoption of Pets, Pet Supplies and Services Related to Pets
Individuals, pet stores and animal welfare organisations list everything from cats and dogs for adoption to fish and exotic pets for sale. Purchase pet food and accessories. Free pet listing platform.
24 Live Report
24 Live Report
Breaking News Contributed by Users
User-submitted onsite news report with breaking news photos and videos. With our profit-sharing advertisements, you can earn money from views.
Chika Fun
Chika Fun
Messaging and Notification App
IAM in-app messaging business app for interacting with buyers and sellers or for casual chat. Platform for free messaging and notifications.

App - Timeline

  • The Idea
    July, 2021

    Planning, research, and analysis, as well as extensive calculation.

  • A Slow Start
    Aug, 2021

    Sign up for services like Amazon, Google, Payment Gateway, International Courier Partners, and so on.

  • Its All In The Code
    Sep, 2021

    We do shifts coding and updating the with good time management. Per person, up to 18 hours per day.

  • More Apps
    Oct 2021 - Aug 2022

    Added more and more apps that are based on the original food delivery app and interact with one another. A great deal of coding and testing.

  • Final 2 Apps
    mid Sep, 2022

    It was decided to continue developing the app with eHailing and on-demand delivery apps in order to make IAM Business App truly an All-in-One Business App Solution.

  • Share the cake
    late Sep, 2022

    As a small team with a large potential profit, we decided to share this project with our users after receiving numerous personal messages thanking us for our volunteer work. Sharing the cake will also help us to expand our eHailing and on-demand delivery services to other countries.

  • Sail On
    Oct, 2022

    Application for licence in several countries, as well as development of an eHailing and on-demand delivery app.

  • IAM
    Jan, 2023

    IAM Business App is now available worldwide. By the people, for the people.

  • The Future

    Introduce digital banking.

Crowdfunding Platforms?

Most crowdfunding platforms charge fees ranging from 5% to 17.9%, which are deducted from the investor's investment. We do not want to misuse our users' money, and because we have our own payment gateway, third-party card and bank fees are borne by us. As a result, we created this page for the benefit of our users rather than crowdfunding platforms which are for the mass public. We wish our users to take part and benefit from these shares.
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